“Elizabeth Blue” is a heartfelt and compelling film about how the title character (Anna Schafer) and her fiancé Grant (Ryan Vincent) cope with her schizophrenia. The film, which opens Sept. 22 at the Prince Theater's Black Box, is directed and cowritten by Vincent Sabella and produced by his husband, Joe Dain. It is based on the couple’s real-life experiences with Sabella’s schizophrenia.

Local queer filmmaker Glenn Holsten’s new documentary “I Am” lovingly chronicles the experiences of six students from St. Katherine’s Special Education Day School in Radnor with eight dancers from the Second Company of the Pennsylvania Ballet. The 40-minute short film, which will screen at Prince Music Theatre Sept. 19, shows how the students and dancers created a performance choreographed by Pennsylvania Ballet’s Jessica Kilpatrick.

Frankie (Harris Dickinson), the main character in writer/director Eliza Hittman’s phenomenal drama “Beach Rats,” opening Sept. 8 at Ritz Theatres, doesn’t think of himself as gay, but he regularly cruises gay Brooklyn chat rooms. He cloaks himself in darkness on his webcam and is often prompted by guys to show more of his face and body. When Frankie asks a guy he meets online to expose himself, he is embarrassed by (or ashamed of) his desires to articulate what he knows he wants — but he eventually relents. His conflicted nature forms much of this absorbing character study.

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