The Raven hosts readings of new theatrical works

The Raven hosts readings of new theatrical works

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The Raven Resort in New Hope is giving playwrights a forum to air their new work this fall.

New Feathers, a company founded by producers Mandee K. Hammerstein and Greg T. Nanni, is presenting hand-picked reading of new material the first Sunday of the month through the end of the year.

Hammerstein said New Feathers was approached by The Raven when the resort was trying to looking for new programming for its Oak Room.

“The Raven was in the middle of trying to figure out how they wanted to fill that stage,” she said. “The room is just gorgeous but it’s very intimate; it seats about 60 people, comfortable. The stage is very lux. It’s velvet with all kinds of great woodworking. I thought that it would serve great for reading of new works. Minimalistic readings and being a part of the creative process, that is something that should be for everybody to enjoy and see.”

Hammerstein said the reading series has been a hit since the end of the summer with audiences in New Hope, who she said are showing up to witness and be a part of the creative process of new shows.

“People who are coming get to interact with the directors and the actors,” she said. “They’re excited to be a part of something new. Some people are there who know the playwright and are excited to see what they’ve got going next, but more of the people find this on Facebook.”

“New Theatrical Shorts,” featuring a series of shorts by the Witherspoon Circle, is up next on Nov. 5.

“The shorts are terrific because there’s something for everyone,” Hammerstein said. “So no matter what your sense of humor or entertainment style is that you prefer, you are going to find something that you really enjoy. We really try to make it a nice variety. And they’re short, about 10 to 12 minutes each, and you rotate the talent too, which is great.”

“Angst,” a comedy about the American Dream by Nanni, follows Dec. 3.

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