Theater company unwraps for holiday burlesque show

Theater company unwraps for holiday burlesque show

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Tribe of Fools is back with its popular “Holiday Burlesque,” giving adults a night of scantily clad song, comedy and dance featuring male and female performers of all stripes Dec. 16.

Nasty Frosty, played by burlesque veteran and Flashpoint co-founder Meghann Williams, will host an evening of Tribe of Fools favorites as well as acrobats from the Almanac Dance Circus Theatre.

Out Tribe of Fools member Zach Chiero said the company’s holiday show varies each year, depending on what performers are available.

“It’s ever-evolving,” Chiero said. “We usually reach out to people who have worked with us in some capacity before. This year, we’re really excited to be reaching out to other theater companies that are very close to us. They’ll be doing pieces in it. It runs that gamut every year. It just depends on who is available in the greater Tribe of Fools family that are ready and willing to be a part of it. We’ve been really lucky to get more and more different acts every year. It’s pretty exciting.”

Chiero added that part of the appeal of Tribe of Fools’ holiday show is that participants aren’t a full-time burlesque group.

“We’re a group of physical-theater comedians and theater-makers who kind of dove into this realm, boldly I would say,” he said. “We try very hard not to take ourselves too seriously. While there are many tantalizing and sexy elements, there’s always a big element of comedy in everything we do. It creates a very inclusive atmosphere. While it is burlesque, it has the feel of a variety show and we try to include as many types of people as possible. Our lack of expertise in the area actually ends up being a strength for the particular kind of show we want to put on.”

Another reason for the popularity of the show is that it offers audiences an alternative to the family-friendly entertainment that is flooding the entertainment market this time of year.

“The holidays are a time where you can make money with a very particular type of show in terms of appealing to family and a wide audience,” he said. “We really wanted to provide something that is completely different. We are all people who believe you choose your own family as opposed to the time you spend with your given family. You come to be part of ours for the evening.

“We try to focus on acts that run the gamut, from a typical strip routine to funny BDSM scenes and plenty of queer acts,” Chiero added. “We’re trying to satisfy an itch that people have for something around the holidays that is a little bit more adult and risqué and a different kind of fun than the family fun you see around this time.”

Tribe of Fools presents its annual “Holiday Burlesque” show 8-10 p.m. Dec. 16 at Asian Arts Initiative, 1219 Vine St. For more information or tickets, call 215-284-1178 or visit  or  


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