Artists and life partners find ‘Synergy’ with joint exhibition

Artists and life partners find ‘Synergy’ with joint exhibition

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Out Philadelphia artists and life partners Nancy Neill and Chris Cox are collaborating on a joint exhibition of their works.

Muse Gallery is presenting “SYNERGY/Contemporary Landscape,” a collection combining their paintings to create an effect that is greater together than the works on their own.

Here, they contribute landscapes they have encountered across the world in their travels. While they share a studio, their individual works have more differences than similarities both in materials and how they bring their visions to bear.   

“We have very different styles,” Neill said. “We’re both very contemporary and abstract. But my work is on paper. It’s oil and pastel done in layers. Chris works on canvas.” 

“I also add lots of layers and texture to my work,” Cox said. “We were at the gallery last Friday for the opening, and it was interesting how many people came in and said that the paintings really worked together.”

“I tend to paint in much deeper and more strong colors while Chris tends to use more muted colors,” Neill said. “You see that difference when you look at the show.”

Not to say that the two never influence each other’s work. The close proximity of their creative work environment means they do affect each other’s creative process in some way.

“We look at each other’s work as we are doing it to some degree, but we are doing different things,” Neill said. “My inspiration [for this exhibition] seems to be an amalgamation of places that I’ve been. I spend a lot of time in urban environments, so you tend to see more urban scenes mixed with natural elements. It evokes memories of my past. We each have our own voices, but we do influence each other somewhat. We see a lot of art together and talk about it. Maybe in some ways we influence each other, but it’s interactive.”

Muse Gallery presents “SYNERGY/Contemporary Landscapes,” through Dec. 2, 52 N. Second St. For more information, visit or call 215-627-5310.

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