NYC comedian talks about sex in ‘Awkward’ podcast series

NYC comedian talks about sex in ‘Awkward’ podcast series

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Good sex is always good sex, but it takes a special person to turn bad sex into something amazing. And that’s where out New York comedian and podcaster Natalie Wall comes in.

Wall is the creator and producer of “Awkward Sex … and the City,” a podcast that showcases comedians and other assorted guests sharing hilarious, revealing and/or cringe-worthy stories of their sexual exploits.

We caught up with Wall, not to share our stories, but to find out what it’s like to be the launch pad for confessional stories of carnal misadventures.    

PGN: What made you want to start this podcast, and why do you think people are so eager to share their bad sex stories on such a public forum?

NW: I think because there really isn’t a huge platform for awkward sex stories currently. Everywhere you look — on TV, in books, on ads — we are supposed to be amazing at sex. But the reality is, we are all these human and awkward creatures. And when you have sex, it can be messy and sweaty and awkward and weird. But if no one is talking about the less sexy parts about sex, it’s easy to assume that you are doing sex wrong. Which is the furthest from the truth! We all are having awkward sex! Whether it’s with new partner(s), a new toy, a new position, etc., etc., these scenarios are vulnerable and intimate and fun and ... awkward. And I really wanted a place for people to be able to see what sex really looks like, and how we can all laugh about it together.

PGN: Do you think queer audiences are more or less likely to want to share their stories on a podcast like yours?

NW: I think it depends on the person. And I would never want someone to share if they felt uncomfortable, but I do create a very open and honest environment on my show. I want all people to feel comfortable sharing their awkward sex stories with me and the podcast, and the more voices and perspectives, the better for the audience. It’s really easy to be sheltered without realizing you are sheltered. Like even just starting this show, I have learned so much about sex, sexuality and gender identity that I don’t think I would have ever been exposed to otherwise. I hope the same happens for my audience.

PGN: What do you look for in regard to potential guests and stories?

NW: Hmmm, that’s a good question. Honestly, there isn’t any criterion. I’m just looking for all types of people who are ready to share and laugh.

PGN:  It’s 2019 and we have access to all the information we could possibly want to know. Why are people still having bad/awkward sex, and why aren’t we as a species getting better at avoiding such misadventures?

NW: Sex is kind of like raising a baby. You can read all the books to prepare, but no book can prepare you for interacting with another human because that book can’t predict what that person is going to be like. Which to me is so great. That we are all these awkward blobs walking on earth, trying to figure out life, sometimes alone, sometimes together, having these awkward sexual adventures.

PGN: Does anybody’s stories shock or surprise you anymore?

NW: I’m definitely not numb to awkward sex stories. It’s not really the story per se that is shocking, it’s the emotions and reactions from everyone involved, if that makes sense. I will say, I’ve heard hundreds if not thousands of awkward sex stories at this point and I’ve never heard the same story twice. Which means we are all having awkward sex and the ways how are endless.

PGN: Does doing a show like this in any way change or alter your worldview, or at the very least improve your sex life?

NW: It has definitely taught me how to communicate pretty well with my partner. It’s allowed me to let go and go with the flow in the bedroom, and understand that sex is not going to look like what it does on the silver screen (at least for me) and so many others. “Awkward Sex ... and the City” has also allowed me to explore my own sexuality, and just getting to hear so many stories from so many people definitely changes the way you look and interact with others in the world. When people are so willing to be that vulnerable and honest with me, it helps me do the same! 

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