Actor, director, author and activist George Takei is several sorts of icon rolled into one man. Along with being an avidly out proponent of LGBTQ rights, he is a vital member of the original “Star Trek” series enterprise, a social-media overlord (a Facebook force with over 10-million followers, to say nothing of an active Twitter feed) and a fighter for the rights of all immigrant cultures, as he and his family were forced into U.S.-run Japanese concentration camps during World War II. Now, he’s also an app crafter with House of Cats, a play on “House of Cards” and an augmented-reality app which gives players a role on the world’s political stage.

For the last six-and-a-half months, La Fusion Lounge in the back of Dung Phat Plaza at 11th and Washington has played host to the era-appropriate ’80s look and feel of “NEON: A Boylesque Experience.” The Miami-vibe location was an exceptional live venue for NEON’s colorfully playful nights of male-identifying burlesque — always a mix of trans, gay and drag performers — put together by Adam I. and Josh Schonewolf.

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