WXPN’s “Kids Corner” is made up of three distinct but equal voices. There are the children who contribute to the process as interactive listeners and interlocutors as the music and conversation revolve around them. There is program host and creator Kathy O’Connell, who makes childrens’ concerns her own. Then there is O’Connell’s producer and co-conspirator, Robert Drake. Known too as a man who DJs new-wave records, live and on the radio, and co-creates events such as “Zombie Prom Night” and “Bowie Week,” Drake is his own brand.

 Have you ever had one of those weekends or evenings where you want to enjoy a feel-good musical and your significant other wants to take in something a little more socially conscious about people resisting fascists, Nazis and other assorted agents of oppression and evil?

Well, guess what? You can both have it your way when Broadway Philadelphia presents a new production of “The Sound of Music” April 24-28 at Merriam Theater.

Old City’s 12 Gates Art Gallery is giving Philadelphia an eye-opening look at the works of three Pakistani queer artists this month.

Titled “Unruly Politics,” the exhibition borrows its name from a work of art by Indian queer activist Akshay Khanna and examines notions of queerness, sexual identity, the accompanying political expectations and what that means in this day and age. The exhibition features works by artist, performer and drag queen Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, artist and writer Aziz Sohail and artist and educator Abdullah Qureshi.

 Philadelphia-based animator Nick LeDonne keeps his work personal — a quality that has won over audiences and peers in his young career.

His 2016 short film, “Hanging,” portrays his experience attempting suicide after he’d suffered multiple personal traumas. The piece was screened at more than 70 international film festivals and won at least a dozen awards.


Before Terry Brennan’s Tribe of Fools brings “Magdalene” to the stages of the Adrienne Theatre April 6-22 with its quietly enlightened and gnostic gospels-inspired take on the 13th apostle, consider the company Tribe of Fools is keeping.

Since 2003, Tribe of Fools (ToF) has not only been Philly’s most breathlessly athletic, movement-oriented and kinetic assayer of incendiary theater, tackling tales of sexual identity, power dynamics, gender position, neighborhood politics and family, but the troupe is also one of the city’s LGBTQ-friendliest. Themes of machismo and sexual preference weave their way into ToF pieces such as 2011’s “Heavy Metal Dance Fag” and 2014’s “Two Street.”

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