Cabaret Vérité is back with “Laugh and Resist,” the fifth in Tom Wilson Weinberg’s series in which local performers fight the power through politically charged songs, skits and humor. The latest incarnation will run June 3-4 at William Way LGBT Community Center.

Philadelphia’s all-female aerial dance company Tangle Movement Arts is bringing a collection of queer circus theater stories off the ground with its new show, “Points of Light,” debuting this weekend at Old City’s Neighborhood House.

A lot of dancers begin their creeds being gypsies. They start with school — if they’re lucky, they have one in or near their hometown — and then there are usually transfers to larger or more prestigious schools elsewhere. Then, of course, there is the search for work. Sometimes dancers sign on for short-term gigs with a series of companies domestically or internationally in search of a good fit both personally and artistically.

One of the centerpiece films at QFlix this year is writer/director/star Brandon Ruckdashel’s “Grinder.” Not to be confused with the popular dating app, this low-budget film has the ambitious teen Luke (Tyler Austin) wanting to be a male model. He arrives in New York and meets Rick (the terrific Jon Fleming), a sinister agent whose main photographer, Tim (Ruckdashel), is coming to terms with his sexuality. How the men’s lives and sexualities play out make up this intriguing film.

Raoul Peck’s rousing, provocative documentary “I Am Not Your Negro,” opening Feb. 3 at the Ritz Theatre, is a tone poem and a clarion call. This urgent, cogent film about James Baldwin is based on his unfinished work “Remember This House.” Peck uses interviews, archival footage, film and television clips, as well as striking photographs, to reflect on the way African-Americans are oppressed in America. Baldwin considers school integration, the teachers and “heroes” he had in his youth, playwright Lorraine Hansberry (“A Raisin in the Sun”) and the lives and murders of Medgar Evers, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Malcolm X to show how they impacted his own intellectual development and activism.

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