Writer/director Guillermo Del Toro’s spectacular new film, “The Shape of Water,” opens Dec. 15 at the Ritz Five. It’s a fabulous fantasy about outsiders that queer audiences will absolutely embrace.

Jonathan Olshefski’s poignant observational documentary “Quest,” opening Dec. 1 at Ritz at the Bourse, chronicles Christopher, aka Quest Rainey, his wife Christine’a, their daughter PJ and his son William as they eke out their lives in North Philadelphia. Unfolding during the eight years of the Obama administration, the film details the family’s trials and tribulations, from William battling cancer and a tragedy that befalls PJ to a leaky roof that needs fixing and a friend dealing with addiction issues. In a casual but affecting moment, PJ comes out; another scene has her parents discussing PJ’s sexuality. But the focus of “Quest,” and why it is so compelling, is the family’s resilience. This African-American family possesses a quiet dignity that is truly inspiring. Olshefski captures the intimate moments with affection.

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