“Take Me to the River,” opening April 1 at Ritz at the Bourse, is straight writer/director Matt Sobel’s auspicious debut feature about California teen Ryder’s (Logan Miller) awkward family reunion in Nebraska. Ryder wants to announce he is gay to his extended family, but his parents, Cindy (Robin Weigert) and Don (Richard Schiff), express their concerns. They think it’s best for Ryder not to out himself to the conservative family members on the farm. Nevertheless, family tensions escalate when an unseen incident involving Ryder and his pre-teen cousin Molly (Ursula Parker) rile his uncle, Keith (Josh Hamilton).

Who doesn’t love a diva? In the satirical French film “Marguerite,” opening March 25 at Ritz Theaters, the title character (a superb Catherine Frot) is a wealthy music lover in 1920 Paris who fancies herself to be an opera singer. But she can’t sing a note — any note — in key. However, no one — not her husband Georges (André Marcon), who makes up excuses for missing her concerts; her friends; or even her African butler, Madelbos (Denis Mpunga), who manipulates things behind the scenes — will tell her she’s talentless.

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