It’s a familiar story: A young person struggles to come to terms with their sexual identity under the weight of a disapproving family and/or religion. It’s an emotionally difficult process in the best of circumstances, and the more conservative the environment, the more traumatic it can be.

“Can You Ever Forgive Me?,” opening Nov. 2 at the Landmark Ritz, is director Marielle Heller’s fabulous dark comedy-drama — based on the true story — about Lee Israel (Melissa McCarthy), a lonely lesbian who was once a New York Times-bestselling author who now can’t pay her vet bill. 


With shows like “POSE” and figures like Laverne Cox garnering mainstream critical praise and exposure, many would agree on progress in the representation of transgender characters and actors on television and in film in recent years. Yet there is a glaring omission from that spotlight and one series working to highlight an often-forgotten segment of the transgender community: trans men.

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