Mauckingbird Theatre Company, Philadelphia’s gay-themed theater group, is kicking off 2019 with its unique take on Noël Coward’s comedy “Fallen Angels,” through Jan. 27 at the Louis Bluver Theatre at The Drake.

Set in London during the 1920s, the original play centers on two women who have been married to their husbands for five years and find their tranquil lives disrupted when a former lover, with whom both were previously involved, plans to visit from France. The women’s anticipation sets off events that come to a head once the former lover arrives in the flesh.

Writer-director Barry Jenkins follows up his Oscar-winning “Moonlight” with another masterful film, “If Beale Street Could Talk.” Adapted from a 1974 novel by out gay writer James Baldwin, the film opens with a quote from the author about how African-Americans are part of a vibrant, marginalized community. It’s a fitting passage for a film about a couple facing a series of joys and hardships.

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