The local LGBT scene is rife with artistic talent, so if you’re going to spend your hard-earned gay dollars this holiday season, why not support the community in the process?

From new books to new music to new artwork, PGN culled standouts from locals that would make good additions to your holiday-shopping list. Happy reading (and listening, and viewing … )!

Bestselling author Christopher Rice is coming to Philadelphia for a signing of his latest horror thriller, “The Vines,” Nov. 4 at Philly AIDS Thrift @ Giovanni’s Room. For his latest tome, the out novelist and son of famed gothic-horror writer Anne Rice, set the action in New Orleans, following a diverse cast of characters who become caught up in the dark secrets of a restored plantation. 

Out author, poet and civil engineer Richard Blanco has steadily been on the go ever since he was picked to read poetry at the second inauguration of President Barack Obama — when he became the first gay person, the first immigrant, the first Latino and the youngest person ever to be a U.S. inaugural poet.

Despite recent setbacks to the queer literary scene like the closing of the nation’s oldest bookstore, Giovanni’s Room, the truth is that Philadelphia is in the midst of a literary reawakening.

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