Christian de Medici is a funny guy -- not one you'd necessarily connect to Christmas, Hanukkah or the holy holidays, per se, but certainly a sparkly gent always up for a celebration with glitter, tinsel, gold metal and such. So there he was then, in his glory on Nov.  21 – the evening of the Shampoo nightclub reunion in Kensington – as he re-introduced the world/city/block/building to the work of his youthful self, the fashion designer self, with the runway debut of XES (M/W SS 2016) by Xtian de Medici. The launch of his luxury brand by the House of Medici, featuring the XES collection and XESsories by Exotic Hands & Feet for Xtian de Medici, tore down the house with its leather kink, sex-soldier gild and silver-surfer sleekness. If Xena the Warrior Princess joined Daft Punk, that – perhaps – could give you an idea of what de Medici the designer was looking to accomplish: a look perfect for drag doyens and strippers, real or imagined.

Chances are that, as you’re flipping through channels in the coming days, you’ll catch snippets of George Bailey and Uncle Billy or perhaps hear the classic line: “Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings.” “It’s A Wonderful Life” has become such a Christmas staple that many of us may keep channel surfing when it graces our TVs.

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