Let’s be honest. The only time Berks County registers with some people is when there is inclement weather. But Berks gets a bum rap. The largest city in the county is Reading, and most of what people think they know about it goes back years or decades. Ask them what else is in Berks County and you can bet you’ll get zero answers.

Pope-a-geddon. Pope-ocalypse. Pope-apalooza.

Call it what you want. Pope Francis is definitely the coolest pope we’ve had in a long time, but he really knows how to cramp a city’s style and infrastructure, not unlike a massive blizzard or hurricane.

If you’ve had your fill of the Liberty Bell and Betsy Ross House and want some new historic scenery, a quick trip north can provide equal parts education and entertainment.

The votes are in!

Our fifth-annual Best of LGBT Philadelphia has been our biggest and (we think!) best yet. We recorded our most-ever votes and saw a number of new winners, as well as welcomed several returning winners — including one that has won all five years!

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