Nafessa Williams is taking her role as Thunder, the first black lesbian superhero character on television, to heart for the second season of “Black Lightning.”

  Williams plays the openly gay eldest daughter, Anissa. Much to the chagrin of her worried parents, Anissa as Thunder fights crime with her special power of increasing her density to render herself immovable and bulletproof.


When Philadelphia-born playwright Clifford Odets’ “Awake and Sing!” begins its run Jan. 23 with Mt. Airy’s Quintessence Theatre Group at The Sedgwick, it will be not only a show of 20th century theatrical, socio-conscious finesse and force, but also proof that Alexander Burns — the out, longtime artistic director of Quintessence — knows how to merge the ideals of classic theater of the past with the necessities of the present.

The holidays are back and ready to run through your finances and your sanity like a stampede of wild reindeer with razor-blade antlers and spiked hooves. And if you like getting caught up in stampedes, mini-riots and melees, by all means head to the malls, shopping centers and big-box stores to elbow and claw your way further into debt, financial ruin or hoarder status.

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