Out actor Lawrence Arrigale, director Mariangela Saavedra and  playwright Paul Rudnick at Allens Lane Theater, for a start

Before Paul Rudnick became both a critics’ choice and the gay voice of a generation, the young Rudnick wrote hilarious novels (“Social Disease,” and “I’ll Take It”) and a quietly quirky play (“Poor Little Lambs,” about a female Yale student joining the Whiffenpoofs, an all-male singing group.)

Then he wrote “I Hate Hamlet.”

As far as innovative opera directors go, Glasgow-born, out opera director Paul Curran is so ahead of the pack, he can hardly see behind him. Along with famed, star-making turns as a wee young general manager of the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet, and as artistic consultant for the Central City Opera of Denver, Curran brought a bold and lively look to Opera Philadelphia’s plush 2015 “La traviata” at a time when Opera Philadelphia boss David B. Devan’s company was just gaining acclaim.

Now, Curran returns to Opera Philadelphia with Bizet’s torrid “Carmen” at the Academy of Music April 27. Curran caught up with PGN on a rare day to himself in Philadelphia.

   This year we’re doing something a little bit outside of the box for the Travel Issue because, to be honest, if I had to figure out a new twist to make New Hope, Rehoboth, Atlantic City or Provincetown sound new and interesting for your hard-earned vacation time and travel dollars, I was going to start day-drinking and not in the good way.

So, me being a stand-up comic, a low-wattage light bulb of an idea lit up in my brain. Why don’t I ask some my LGBT comic friends I’ve met on the road where they like to go when they have time to get away?

Between this weekend’s Philadelphia Young Playwrights’ Mouthful Monologue Festival (April 13 at the Louis Bluver Theatre at The Drake) and the recent launch of season two of its “Mouthful” podcast, PYP founder-curator Mitchell Bloom makes it his life’s work to provide a platform for the words of those younger than he.

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