Transgender activists have long decried the lack of opportunities for transgender actors in the film and television industries. Most trans roles, they say, are played by cis-gender actors. Though many in the trans community were pleased when Maya Avant, a character on “The Bold and the Beautiful,” was recently outed as trans, there was a collective sigh when Karla Mosley, the actor who plays Maya, acknowledged she was a cis-gender woman.

Norristown native Maria Bello may be known for her roles in films such as “A History of Violence” and “The Cooler,” but she garnered considerable attention for her essay, “Coming Out as a Modern Family,” when it appeared in the “Modern Love” column in the New York Times. In the essay, Bello explained how she told her son Jack about her relationship with Clare, her best friend. His response: “Whatever, Mom, love is love.”

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