The Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival unspools Nov. 7-17 at venues around the city. This year’s program spotlights two queer features, a shorts program that reflects Asian and Asian American LGBTQ life and three films by out gay and queer directors.

“Pain and Glory” is out gay filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar’s elegiac autofiction, a tribute to both his filmmaking career and his star, Antonio Banderas. This tender drama, opening Oct. 18 at the Landmark Ritz Five, is concerned with reconciliation and forgiveness. It is the eighth collaboration between the filmmaker and the actor, and easily their best.

The Philadelphia Film Festival opens Oct. 17 with a screening of “Just Mercy” and unspools at various locations throughout the city before closing Oct. 27 with a screening of “Knives Out.” In between are more than 100 features, shorts and documentaries, including several films with LGBTQ content. Below is a rundown of what to catch at this year’s fest.

The hypnotic gay romance “End of the Century” is the best film of the year. Opening Oct. 4 at Landmark’s Ritz at the Bourse, it begins when Ocho (Juan Barberini) arrives in Barcelona, eventually hooking up with the irresistible Javi (Ramon Pujol). Their tryst is erotic but becomes more complicated when Javi says, “We’ve met before.” Cut to 20 years earlier when Ocho and Javi (still played by Barberini and Pujol) first meet. A third part of the film considers a possible future for the characters.

History shows how evil Roy Cohn really was. Described as “flamboyant” and “ruthless,” Cohn was a lawyer who helped send Julius and Ethel Rosenberg to their deaths; made a name for himself as Chief Counsel for Senator Joseph McCarthy; defended mafia kingpins, and had a protégé in Donald Trump. He even lost the Lionel train empire after taking it over. He never admitted he was a homosexual or that he had contracted AIDS.

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