Sedition ups the game underground

Sedition ups the game underground

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noun: sedition; plural noun: seditions

conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch.

synonyms: rabble-rousing, incitement to rebel, subversion, troublemaking, provocation; rebellion, insurrection, mutiny, insurgence, civil disorder

Given the current state of socio-political affairs, why not check out Sedition? While the restaurant and bar may not be a revolutionary concept (at least, not just yet) Sedition has all the aesthetic qualities of its name: a location below street level with a dimly lit, moody and secretive subterranean atmosphere and a speakeasy quality. Plus, there are no secret knocks, passwords or clandestine entryways to thwart the efforts of totalitarians to shut down your fun. (Although that might be coming. Who knows?)

Sedition’s menu offers fare that shows off creativity while still aiming for the part of your soul that wants something exciting and familiar. The pork belly ($13) is the best example of this, existing somewhere between comfort dish and decadent feast. Most places would make this small plate all about the pork belly, but the tender, juicy chili-glazed pieces of savory meat were adorned with roasted poblano polenta, with spicy peppadew peppers and fresh cilantro contributing nicely to the presentation and flavor.

The grilled octopus ($14) was equally colorful and artfully presented, but the star of the dish was outshined at every turn by the pleasantly aggressive chorizo, roasted potatoes and a lovely romesco sauce. It didn’t help that the octopus itself, while tasty, was chopped in too-tiny pieces and came across as a tad bit chewy. 

With autumn upon us, Sedition’s pork chop ($25) is an ideal entrée for a chilly evening. The sizable chop is grilled perfectly and surrounded by roasted fingerling potatoes, all of which drink in the generous drenching of caramelized apples, onions and apple butter. The result tips slightly more toward sweet than savory, but with the holidays coming up and at least another six months before most of us have to think about beach bodies, you can be forgiven for indulging.

Whether Sedition, the restaurant, is as tasty as the actual idea of sedition is up to you. But if you’re looking for a thematically appropriate place to hide from the world and satiate your appetite in fine secretive fashion, look over your shoulder and slide into a booth at Sedition.

You didn’t about it from us.  

If you go

Sedition Restaurant & Bar

727 Walnut St.


Tues.-Thurs.: 11:30 a.m.-midnight

Fri.-Sat.:11:30 a.m.-2 a.m.

Sun.: 11:30 a.m.-4 p.m.


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