Ocean Prime serves up ‘quality’ surf and excellent ‘turf’

Ocean Prime serves up ‘quality’ surf and excellent ‘turf’

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It’s no surprise that an upscale establishment like Ocean Prime thrives in the bustling nerve center of Center City it occupies. The vibe and décor is posh and glamorous, but the overall atmosphere is relaxed and accessible.

The attentive and friendly staff informs you straight out of the gate that all of the seafood and meats are of the highest quality and freshness, and that anything that’s not made in house is only because another local establishment does it better.

Duly noted. Who wants cocktails?

We do!

The cocktails at Ocean Prime, located at 124 S. 15th St., were a harbinger of the culinary craft and showmanship we were in for. The Berries and Bubbles ($15) is Ocean Prime’s fruity take on a Kir Royale shanked with dry ice and decorated with an assortment of berries. When poured into a generous martini glass, the concoction bubbles and smokes like a frigid cauldron of 40-proof bliss.

The dinner menu is classic steakhouse and seafood fare peppered with Asian influences and executed at a high level of gastronomic excellence. Appetizers like the Point Judith Calamari ($20) eschew classic presentation by tossing the tender fried favorite into a sweet-and-spicy chili sauce, then dusting it with sesame seeds.

The ahi tuna tartare ($19) was a cool and creamy experience that got more texturally complex the deeper in. The crowning achievement by far was the goat cheese ravioli ($15), which has a substantial heartiness thanks to being wrapped in wontons and awash in a robust and luxuriously flavored mushroom broth that added a nice richness to the pleasantly strong goat cheese.

The entrees were textbook high-end steakhouse fare in the best sense of the words. The filet mignon ($44 for 8 oz.) was impeccable, topped (or ”accessorized” as they put it) with a perfect buttery, garlic shrimp scampi ($13).

      There were a number of pleasantly decadent sides offered. We gravitated toward the smoked Gouda tater tots ($12). We were not disappointed. The massive tots (seriously, who makes tater tots nearly three inches long?) were hot and crispy on the outside with a lovely rustic mashed-potato consistency on the inside.

Ocean Prime has definitely earned its name and status. If you want to gorge yourself like a VIP, this establishment is definitely worth your attention.  

If you go

Ocean Prime

124 S. 15th St.



Mon.-Sat.: 4-10 p.m.

Sun.: 4-9 p.m.

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