With football season in full swing and basketball season starting up, it’s a good time to be a sports bar in Philadelphia. The new breed of sports bars isn’t your parents’ watering holes with a TV in the corner. A lot of the latest additions to the scene are trying to step up their game.


Over the last few years, the number of places you can get poke bowls in Philly has surged. And why shouldn’t it? The native Hawaiian dish of diced raw fish piled high with various fruits, veggies and crunchy, spicy or sweet toppings is definitely a healthy, exotic and fresh alternative to a lot of the other fast-casual options for people on the go in the city.


’Tis the season for a certain orange fruit — before you get all excited by the name, we need to tell you there’s no pumpkin in any considerable quantity on the menu. Yes, you get a packet of roasted pumpkin seeds at the end of your meal. But we found out that “Pumpkin” is the pet name chefs and owners Ian Moroney and Hillary Bor have for each other.

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