When you’re a seafood institution like Phillips — especially one in a destination like Atlantic City — you are pretty much in the school of, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Does it get any better than getting to sit in a street-level restaurant near Rittenhouse Square in the summertime, sipping a glass of wine? Yes is does. Especially when the restaurant you happen to be sitting in is + bar.

Planted on a picturesque hilltop outside Philly, Savona, is the kind of place you would imagine James Bond having a meal after bankrupting his enemies in poker games and foiling their nefarious plans.

With its somewhat-Spartan and sometimes low-key aesthetic, at first glance you might think Bufad Pizza, 1240 Spring Garden St., is just another place to grab a piece of gourmet wood-fired pizza. But there is also some surprisingly nice, refined dining to be found.

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