Trekking out to the suburbs on a Friday night isn’t something we always do, but we found the beehive of suburban activity at Yard House, 400 Route 38 at Moorestown Mall, hard to resist.

Herban Quality Eats has graduated from catering and health dishes to giving University City a convenient and relatively cost-effective alternative to fast food with its new cafeteria-style eatery, Herban, 3601 Market St.

The recently opened SOUTH kitchen and jazz bar, 600 N. Broad St., is injecting a healthy dose of southern charm into our northern metropolis.

It looks like 2016 is going to be the Year of the Steak, judging by the number of upscale steakhouses opening in Philly in the near future. Leading the stampede is Urban Farmer Philadelphia, which recently opened at Logan Square.

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