Two area women are working to highlight mental health issues in the LGBTQ community. Stephanie Schroeder is a gender-nonconforming former Philly resident with spiky black hair, lots of denim and a smoky laugh. Teresa Theophano is a South Jersey queer femme with flaming red hair, tattoos, piercing blue eyes and a quiet voice that commands attention. These compelling women are passionate advocates for LGBTQ mental health — the subject of their new book, “Headcase: LGBTQ Writers and Artists on Mental Health and Wellness.”

Garry O’Connor knows out gay actor and activist Sir Ian McKellen from their days attending Cambridge, back in 1958. However, while O’Connor’s friendship with McKellen might suggest he would be a fine biographer of the gay icon, the author’s new book, “Ian McKellen: A Biography,” is mostly a lazy hagiography.

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