Garry O’Connor knows out gay actor and activist Sir Ian McKellen from their days attending Cambridge, back in 1958. However, while O’Connor’s friendship with McKellen might suggest he would be a fine biographer of the gay icon, the author’s new book, “Ian McKellen: A Biography,” is mostly a lazy hagiography.

“The Sun, the Earth, and the Moon” is a book of endings and beginnings. The journey from adolescence into adulthood, the line between friendship and love, the disparity of the world before and the world after AIDS.


Karine Jean-Pierre is a unique voice in the world of political analysis and activism — an openly gay woman of color and Haitian immigrant who started from humble beginnings and went on to serve as the deputy campaign manager for both Barack Obama’s and Martin O’Malley’s presidential campaigns.

Joshua Lyon is the out gay coauthor of late queer icon Edie Windsor’s inspiring book, “A Wild and Precious Life.” This memoir-biography hybrid is an intimate look at the life and times of Windsor, a Philadelphia native whose Supreme Court case helped establish the right for same-sex marriage. Windsor recounts working at IBM, her 44-year relationship with her partner Thea Spyer and LGBT activism. Additional passages at the end of each chapter feature anecdotes and observations from Windsor’s friends and relatives.

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