The controversy surrounding the 1980 film “Cruising” — a psychological thriller about a serial killer preying on gay men in 1970s New York City — will probably never die.

But the original soundtrack lives on — and has actually gotten new life with a recently expanded re-release on the Waxwork label across three vinyl LPs.

The re-release offers music that never made it onto the originally released 1980 soundtrack, including five rare Germs songs recorded specifically for the album. It also has a new leather-faced cover that’s sure to arouse curiosity.

It’s been a while since we’ve gotten a significant amount of music or art to consume from Amanda Palmer. Now she’s back in action with a new album, “There Will Be No Intermission,” and an international tour and book release.

The bisexual singer-songwriter, author and performance artist made a name for herself as half of the gothic/punk cabaret duo The Dresden Dolls before pursuing a solo career.

 Pet Shop Boys


x2 Recordings Ltd.

On this four-song EP, Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe, longtime purveyors of an alluringly aloof disco, lampoon boorish politicians, skewer social media and excoriate oligarchs. The duo’s synthesizer-driven dance music and literate lyrics combine to make protest songs that are satirical rather than sincere, which is good.

The annual Grammy Awards show is always too long and inevitably has moments of “wait– who just won?”

The 61st Grammys on Sunday night were no different. But what made this show so good, was the plethora of phenomenal women, queer performers and the hosting perfection of Alicia Keys.

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