Out indie pop singer-songwriter morgxn is ready to make an impression on 2019 with a string of live shows and a stash of innovative singles and videos.

Born and raised in Nashville as Morgan Karr, morgxn moved to New York City to pursue a career in acting, then to Los Angeles for music.

Karr said that even though he’s more of an electronic pop, dance and R&B artist, the more organic and traditional styles of Nashville influenced his style and tastes as a musician. 


Bass-vocalist Brent Michael Smith is but a neophyte when it comes to Philadelphia, having moved here two years ago to go on “this journey of artistic growth at the Academy of Vocal Arts,” as he puts it.


United Kingdom-based band Big Joanie is grabbing the attention of fans and music writers on both sides of the pond with debut LP “Sistahs.”

The indie punk trio, all women of color, is comprised of singer-guitarist Stephanie Phillips, bassist Estella Adeyeri and drummer Chardine Taylor-Stone. They’re getting critical praise for their sound, which is classic girl-group pop like The Ronettes fused with riot grrrl punk rock like The Breeders.


It seems like every genre of music from country to hard rock has gotten in on the holiday-concert game, almost to the point where nothing seems exciting, unique or revolutionary anymore. Thankfully, Everett Bradley’s Holidelic is running Santa’s sleigh through the funk gauntlet to get rumps shaking yet again this holiday season.

Jakes Shears, best known as the lead singer for the internationally renowned and openly gay pop-glam group Scissor Sisters, is on the road after releasing his debut eponymous solo album and autobiography, “Boys Keep Swinging.”

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