“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”       

— Winston Churchill

This week’s profile, Alyssa Mutryn, does both by getting people to give. As director of development for The Attic Youth Center, Mutryn is responsible for making sure our LGBT youth get the services they need. We spoke to the Bethesda, Md., native to find out what motivates her to help our youth.

In my many years attending, I’ve been to a two-(wo)man show in the bathroom of a pizza joint, seen dancers leap across and onto gravestones, witnessed Brian Sanders and his company JUNK do all sorts of wondrous and strange things that defy description (and gravity), marveled at the moves of Gunnar Montana, created my own art at various interactive venues and ventured into places in the city I’d never explored. If you haven’t been (and there’s no excuse not to because there’s truly something for everyone), you’re in luck because the 2016 festival is in full swing right now.

I love a good parade and/or festival — especially a Pride event! Sadly, there’s a long gap between Philadelphia Pride festivities in June and OutFest in October. But have no fear: Our neighbors across the river have come to the rescue.

Last week I watched myself on “American Ninja Warrior.” No, I wasn’t hanging from my fingertips on the Flying Shelf Grab or scaling the Warped Wall, but if you look closely in the background of the Philadelphia finals, you can see me in the distance wearing a white leather jacket hanging out with the talent coordinator, Angelou Deign. The Philadelphian, my old friend and all-around cool chick was kind enough to make me a VIP on set. Watching the amazing women on the show inspired me to seek out some of the tough gals in this town.

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