Thanksgiving is coming soon and for many of us that means the three Fs: fun, family and food. But for some, that last F can be hard to come by, not just at Thanksgiving but throughout the year. You would think in a country as “great” or bountiful as ours, hunger and access to nutritious and healthy food wouldn’t be such a problem. But apparently, in addition to the mountains and the prairies and the oceans white with foam, we also have large food deserts. Working at the Reading Terminal Market, Duane Perry become well-acquainted with the lack of access many Philadelphians experience and decided to do something about it. He started the Food Trust and began helping to change the landscape and mindset for food consumption in our city and beyond.

Ryan Rodgers has worked behind the chair as a stylist for 10 years. In addition to cutting and coloring, he is now a Redken educator and visits salons all over the Greater Philadelphia area, teaching advanced-color techniques, product knowledge and hair styling to salon professionals. Rodgers worked for nine years in Delaware County but since June has brought his style, flair and expertise to the Andre Richard Salon, 1218 Locust St.

Millennials get a bad rap. And they don’t even get a cool nickname. The people that fought and died in World War II got the inspiring moniker “The Greatest Generation.” The group after that received the tongue-pleasing and alliterative “Baby Boomers.” “Gen Xers” sounds like some sort of Marvel superhero gang. But “The Millennials” sounds like a BBC period drama.

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