The film “Watermelon Woman” was a fictional tale about a filmmaker who becomes intrigued by a character actress she comes across in several old movies. She comes to find that the actress was a lesbian and involved with the leading lady. This week’s profile, Joseph Eckhardt, stumbled across a similar fantastical story but, in this case, it’s all real. And it’s magnificent.

Well, I’ve just seen a rare sight. Was it a glimpse of a UFO? Our president-elect saying something presidential? (I said rare, not nonexistent.) Me in running shorts? No, I just saw a Yelp review for a business that was 99.9-percent all positive comments. In this day and age of snarky remarks, that’s quite a feat.

As we celebrate the New You in the New Year, I decided to shed a little light on a local LGBT business. Open City Healing Arts is a wellness practice that embraces body and mind to help clients achieve maximum potential. Founded by Laura Hawley, the practice combines acupuncture and psychotherapy to help patients integrate the mental and the physical. And it seems to work; the testimonials on her page made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

When I worked at Sisters, I’d hear the usual grousing people do in this city and I’d always warn, “Philadelphia is one of the few cities with a lesbian bar open seven days a week with a bar and dance floor. Some day this might not be here and then you’ll wish you’d been more supportive!”

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