Benjamin Franklin said there is nothing certain but death and taxes. If you find yourself dealing with the latter, you might want to contact this week’s Portrait, Roz Sutch. In 2009, Sutch became the youngest person to become a shareholder at Drucker & Scaccetti, and in that same year was recognized by the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants as a “40 under 40” member watch. Earlier this year, she was awarded the Michael A. DeAngelis Award by LaSalle University’s Accounting Department, its most distinguished honor. An ally to the community, Sutch is well known as an expert on LGBT tax and financial-planning issues. She makes regular presentations to both members and advisers of the LGBT community and has been an active member of the Independence Business Alliance for more than two years. On June 27, Sutch was elected to the board of the IBA.

“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.”

— Marcus Garvey

The way we often find cultural identity is when we see ourselves reflected in art and in the media. It’s where many of us learned that we were not alone and simultaneously that we were everywhere, in every country and from all walks of life. Films can show us what we share and what challenges or customs are unique to us all. If you feel like I do, you’re in luck. qFLIX, Philadelphia’s LGBTQ film festival, starts July 5 and runs for six days, with a variety of comedies, dramas and fascinating documentaries that reflect all aspects of our community. (Full disclosure: I was in charge of the committee that selected the majority of women’s films.)

When I was hosting karaoke at Sisters nightclub, I would occasionally hear people yell up to the stage, “Hey, Rainbow Sprinkles!” No, this was not my stripper name; it was actually the title of a children’s CD I wrote and performed on several years back. The CD (ahem, available on iTunes … ) was for children from LGBT families and featured a number of kids from Mountain Meadow, a very special camp for kids with alternative families. Mountain Meadow is no more but I’m happy to say that there’s a new place for our kids, Camp Highlight, and it’s just as fantastic — maybe more so! We spoke to co-founder and counselor Chris Hudson about kids these days and other stuff.

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