Carl J. Minster 3d and David J. Facciolo are two very passionate men — passionate about their work and about each other. I spoke to the two dedicated attorneys about their practice, Minster & Facciolo LLC, and the trials (pardon the pun) and tribulations of being business and life partners.

Philadelphia is a city of firsts: We established the first public school in the American colonies, erected the first brick house in America, wrote the first published treatise against slavery, held the first World’s Fair and printed the first successful women’s magazine.

What do Edwin Hubble (as in telescope), Bill Clinton, Kris Kristofferson and Chris Bartlett have in common? They all received scholarships to Oxford University. Bartlett, the interim co-executive director of Delaware Valley Legacy Fund, could have had a career in academia, but he chose a path of service to the LGBT community instead. “My mission in life has always been to help build a strong LGBT community. The DVLF opportunity is wonderful because it is an umbrella for many different missions and organizations. I like to think of myself as a good steward for all.”

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