So, 2017 was a pretty crummy year for the country, so I thought it’d be nice to start 2018 with a hearty laugh. “Come, Rainbows” is a comedy show that features local LGBT comics Rebekah Rickards, Molly Hanulec, Domo Jones, Low Hanging Fruit and Hannibal Lickter (Karen E. Johnson). One of the funny hosts is local standup Dan Vetrano. I spoke to the jokester on Facetime. I’m just sorry his expressions can’t be translated to the page. You’ll just have to see him in person Jan. 7.

It snowed last weekend, and I was like Pee-Wee Herman, shouting “It’s sno-ho-hoing!” on the phone to family and friends. (If you haven’t seen his special, it’s the gayest Christmas has ever been. I’m talking Grace Jones in a breastplate singing “The Little Drummer Boy.” But I digress … ) I love to see my backyard blanketed in white and hear kids outside giggling as they slide about. I invited some neighbors over and we kicked back and watched the snow fall outside my front door as we sipped mulled wine. Unfortunately, for many LGBT young people, the snow and cold are not such happy occasions. It is a taste of tough times to come as they seek shelter and warmth as the weather dips down.

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