Philly Gay Calendar is one of my prime sources for ideas for this column. Mr. PGC himself, Steve McCann, has been featured here and over the years has been kind enough to respond to my call for contact names and numbers at all hours. So, ’natch, when it comes time for their annual event and fundraiser, The Boys of Summer, I called on Steve for a recommendation. B.o.S helps raise money for Philly Gay Calendar and allows them to be a go-to source, along with PGN of course, for information about what’s happening in our community free of charge. We spoke to one of the event organizers, the fabulous Matthew Rowe.

This is the time of year when it’s so hot that “go soak your head” is not an insult but a good idea. As president of the LGBT+ swim club The Fins Aquatic Club, Arthur Zeng suggests you come soak not just your head but the rest of you as well.

Doug Greene is a Philadelphia-based installation artist, designer, actor and my new bud. We met last week at an Our Night Out event and I was drawn to his quiet energy and warmth. Greene has done work with Philadelphia faves such as The Bearded Ladies, Quintessence, Brat Productions, Renegade Theatre Company and many others. We met for a chat at another Philly favorite, Writer’s Block Rehab.

This week’s Portrait has a chronology of places in which he’s lived that sounds like a Beach Boys song. With more than 20 years in the hotel and hospitality industry, Jerry Rice has resided in Miami, Seattle, Arlington and Wilmington and Huntersville, N.C., where he was the “Youngest Dual General Manager in Marriott Brand History.”

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