The holidays are over, and it’s still cold outside. You might want to huddle in your home the next few weeks or months to escape the cold weather. Fortunate for you social and literal hibernators, there is quite of lot of queer streaming and broadcast content for you to digest while hiding from old man winter this season.

 It was a historic year for LGBTQ people on TV, with a record number of out lesbian, gay and trans actors, along with several out nonbinary actors.


It’s been a decade — International Women’s Day 2009, to be exact — since the final episode of “The L Word” aired. Over six seasons, the groundbreaking series was the first ever to center lesbian and bisexual women.

Totally, irrefutably, in-your-face queer: It’s what makes the eighth season of MTV’s reality series “Are You the One?” groundbreaking — and utterly fabulous.

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