Bisexuality has been a trope on TV for decades, and not a good one. For years both lesbians and bisexual women have watched with dismay as bisexuality or lesbianism in a TV character was erased.

Despite the increasing visibility of LGBT athletes in recent years, a new documentary shows how and why it’s still an uphill battle for openly gay figures in professional sports.

“Alone in the Game,” which premiered on AT&T’s Audience Network June 28, follows a group of LGBTQ athletes from some of the biggest sports franchises, including the NFL, NBA and NCAA, to explore the struggles and hard choices they face from the professional level all the way down to high-school sports. The subjects share their personal stories of trying to compete as openly gay athletes or living as closeted players in fear of what coming out would do to their careers.


As far as dancing, singing television goes, producer-writer Ryan Murphy has been there and done that with “Glee.” With that series (2009–15), high school and all of its true-to-life stereotypes (including one of the medium’s smartest gay characters) were given heft and solid dialogue to go with intersecting storylines. That’s Murphy’s thing: the intersection of psyches and storylines.

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