As far as dancing, singing television goes, producer-writer Ryan Murphy has been there and done that with “Glee.” With that series (2009–15), high school and all of its true-to-life stereotypes (including one of the medium’s smartest gay characters) were given heft and solid dialogue to go with intersecting storylines. That’s Murphy’s thing: the intersection of psyches and storylines.

“Vida” is a terrific new drama series that showcases Latinx lesbian life in Los Angeles.

The show, which premieres on Starz, opens with Emma (Mishel Prada) returning to East Los Angeles following the death of her mother, Vida. Emma has not seen her sexpot sister, Lyn (Melissa Barrera), in years, and she didn’t know her mother had married Eddy (the non-binary Ser Anzoategui).

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