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Out gay author Dale Peck’s debut novel “Martin and John,” came out 25 years ago and helped establish him as a writer of note. Meanwhile, his latest novel, “Night Soil,” has just been published and it’s a testament to Peck’s literary talents.

ARE YOU READY FOR ‘THIS’?: Childish Gambino, the rapper/DJ alter ego of comedian and actor Donald Glover, hits the road for his This Is America Tour, which lands in Philly 7:30 p.m. Sept. 18 at Wells Fargo Center, 3601 S. Broad St. For more information or tickets, call 215-389-9543.

The world is a little rough right now. Turn on the local news and you’re inundated with senseless shootings, people being victimized and schools in crisis. Turn on the national news and you’re looking at a senseless state of affairs with an administration that would be laughable if it weren’t so deadly. Mother Nature seems to be wrecking havoc with one catastrophe after another and religion is being used to hide child molesters, or as an excuse for not baking us cakes.

PHILADELPHIA FREEDOM: The bitch is back for one last go-around when Elton John comes to Philadelphia as part of his Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour for two nights of career-spanning hits, 8 p.m. Sept. 11-12 at Wells Fargo Center, 3601 S. Broad St. For more information or tickets, call 215-389-9543.

Before discussing Fringe Fest 2018 offering “WOLFCRUSH (a queer werewolf play,)” — a torrid tale of lust, cannibalism, bondage, gay werewolf sex and Mariska Hargitay — it is important to know something about its production company, On the Rocks.

 Netflix’s “The Comedy Lineup: Part Two” dishes out a second helping of 15-minute sets by an eclectic mix of up-and-coming comedians performing in front of an intimate live audience.

Two of the comedians featured in the Aug. 31 broadcast are Emma Willmann and Kate Willett, both of whom are out.   

Pageants, princess dresses and sparkly shoes, oh my!

Nope, it’s not the latest Miss America competition; it’s “Close Your Legs, Honey” — one of the two Fringe Arts Festival shows this week’s Portrait, Claris Park, is involved in this year. The show is described as “a new musical about ugly people in a beautiful world.” Park plays an 11-year-old glamazon fighting off pageant-wannabe Honey for supreme glory.

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