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Sometimes I wish there was a way you could hear as well as read this column — especially when I’m interviewing people who have distinctive ways of speaking or lovely accents that could make me rethink my lesbianism (or, in the case of female interviewees, cause me to blurt out unexpected marriage proposals).

Let’s just say I’m not exactly Suzi Homemaker, especially when it comes to the culinary arts. If I’m boiling an egg, I wait until it cracks so I know it is done. It seems I’m not alone because apparently Josh Schonewolf can’t cook either. Funny, since both of us write about food: me, the occasional review for PGN and Josh in his appropriately named blog, “Josh Can’t Cook.” I think something about not being able to scramble an egg makes us appreciate the skills of others even more.

In honor of our pet issue and our two-,four-, six- or eight-legged friends and companions, we have compiled a list of events in the area catering to pet owners and animal lovers alike.