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La Calaca Feliz (which translates to “The Happy Skeleton”), 2321 Fairmount Ave.

Chronicling the empowerment of the gay community and its supporters as they came together to fight for rights for people with AIDS, “How to Survive a Plague” is a truly exceptional documentary.

A few years ago, in the aftermath of a dinner party, married partners Jay Falzone and Stephen Smith, along with party host Dan Lavender, cooked up an idea that would become a runaway stage hit: “Cooking With the Calamari Sisters.

Anna Crusis Women’s Choir has the antidote for all the negativity and sensationalism that has been bombarding us in the news of late when it opens its 37th season with the upcoming concert “Breaking News!: ‘Anna’dotes to the Headlines,” Dec.

The three decades of the HIV/AIDS epidemic will be explored through art in a new exhibit that highlights the longevity of the disease and diversity of those impacted by it.