Arts & Culture

The acclaimed and wildly popular musical “Les Misérables” will be omnipresent in Philadelphia in the first few weeks of 2013, owing to the 25th-anniversary production coming through town and the big-screen adaptation of the beloved story hitting movie theaters across the country.

This year in queer film was certainly peculiar, with stunning dramas about addiction and adoption to a dazzling nonfiction film about the mobilization efforts of ACT UP.

This week we interview a real housewife of New Jersey — not from the TV show, but the real deal. Monique Costa is a wife and mother of two boys and the author of “How Leonard Lost his Spots,” a children’s book about a transgender leopard. Hint: It makes a great Christmas present for that trans person in your life.

As the biggest city in Canada, Toronto has a wealth of culture and arts to offer, as well as a large and active LGBT community.