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Ah, Halloween. The high holy of all gay holidays. Next weekend, there are a ghost host of places for you to try out your Michele Bachmann crazy-eyes costume or parade around attacking necks as one of the many vampire characters ruling the airwaves. This week, PGN spoke to someone who is involved in not one, but two of the events going on Halloween weekend. Rob Paluso, aka Anita Manhattan, is one of the BVDs — Bingo Verifying Divas — who will be checking out your cards at Monster Mash GayBINGO! on Oct. 29. Get your tickets now!

Film festivals can be overwhelming — there is either too much to see, or all the films you want to see are playing at the same time and/or across town.

Damn our bad timing!

Had we waited a week to schedule an interview, we’d have gotten all the dirt on Uh Huh Her’s situation with Southwest Airlines — when the duo was reportedly escorted from a flight for a public display of affection.