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Damn our bad timing!

Had we waited a week to schedule an interview, we’d have gotten all the dirt on Uh Huh Her’s situation with Southwest Airlines — when the duo was reportedly escorted from a flight for a public display of affection.

Information is courtesy of Giovanni’s Room, 345 S.

Tori Amos Night of the Hunters Grammophon Records

We’d hang out with Tori Amos any time, mostly because we’re not sure what would happen.

Our readers spoke, the votes have been tallied, the smoke has cleared and the only ones left standing are the winners of PGN’s first annual Best of Gay Philadelphia, celebrating all things that matter to the LGBT community in the city of brotherly stuff and other stuff.

Fairytales can come true ... At least they can if you’re businesswoman and entrepreneur Monica Bey-Clarke. Bey, the founder and managing partner of My Family! and Dodi Press, along with her wife, novelist and playwright Cheril N. Clarke, tied the knot four years ago in a ceremony that’s still getting watched (just Google their names and see for yourself). Recently featured in the “Most Powerful Lesbians” issue of Curve Magazine, the two have coupled their creativity and immense passion for making a difference to build My Family!, a company that creates and retails products for LGBT families.