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I was tempted to hold off on doing this interview until we got a little closer to Earth Day, but then I figured, if your mother was dying, would you wait until Mother’s Day to help her? I think not.

Another Life Altogether Elaine Beale Fiction

Thirteen-year-old Jesse has grown up trying to keep up appearances, despite her mother’s mental illness, her father’s neglect and her own blossoming lesbianism.

Four-time Barrymore Award winner Mary Martello and 1812 Productions are pulling back the curtain on what happens to beloved fairy-tale characters when the fairy tale is over with “Happily Ever After.

THEATER Blue Door Arden Theatre Company presents the story of a successful mathematics professor experiencing a sleepless night where a series of ancestors visit to reveal the hardships and victories that have shaped their lives, through March 21, 40 N.

Many of you know, or have heard of, Stephen Glassman. As the chair of the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission, he has been a staunch defender of civil rights for our community and all others facing discrimination. He’s also an accomplished architect, previously serving for five years as civic-design commissioner in Baltimore. He’s an Ivy League graduate and the first openly gay individual ever to receive an appointment subject to Senate confirmation to a Pennsylvania board or commission. All common knowledge. But did you know he also played a potential love interest for Dr. Frasier Crane on the TV hit “Frasier”?

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