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Micah Mahjoubian’s website for his company, Soapbox Solutions, a political management firm specializing in campaign operations, provides a glimpse of what goes into an election. Services range from political strategy and fundraising, web building, literature and graphic work to event scheduling, financial accounting, IT services and those annoying automatic robocalls. As Philly gears up for another election, PGN spoke to one man who works behind the scenes for the men and women who want to garner our votes.

An Ohio native, Drew Becher has amassed an impressive résumé in urban planning and greening, initiating some 1.8 million tree plantings. As an assistant to Mayor Daley in Chicago, he created the Greening Agenda, focused on environmental awareness and drawing worldwide recognition. In Washington, D.C., he led the creation of the Department of Environment, responsible for the district’s sustainability agenda. Then he led the New York Restoration Project, which greens and beautifies underserved communities. Now in Philadelphia, Becher helms the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, which runs the renowned Philadelphia Flower Show.