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With only 23 years on this earth, Shayna SheNess Israel has already racked up quite a list of accomplishments: poet, teacher, rap artist, social worker, tutor, activist and feminist.

THEATER At Home at the Zoo The first play by out playwright Edward Albee is staged through April 19 at Suzanne Roberts Theatre, 480 S.

SATURDAY My Mums Used to Be Men Louise is the 12-year-old daughter of two transgender parents living in Great Britain.

Female characters on the tube are turning bi-curious at a rate that must be making the heads of the religious right spin like Linda Blair’s in “The Exorcist.

At 6-foot-3 with steely blue eyes, he looks like he could be a bouncer or WWF wrestler, but mere minutes into our interview, I realized that Sandy Beach is an old softy.

THEATER Born Yesterday The Walnut Street Theatre presents one of America’s original screwball comedies, about a business tycoon who goes to Washington, D.

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