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Is there anyone who hasn’t (despite the best of efforts and intentions) had a holiday with the kinfolk turn into a lump of coal right before the first present is unwrapped? With 2009 starting to wind down, what better time to catch a show about what the holidays really mean for a lot of people: being cooped up in an uncomfortable situation with your family.

What do Edwin Hubble (as in telescope), Bill Clinton, Kris Kristofferson and Chris Bartlett have in common? They all received scholarships to Oxford University. Bartlett, the interim co-executive director of Delaware Valley Legacy Fund, could have had a career in academia, but he chose a path of service to the LGBT community instead. “My mission in life has always been to help build a strong LGBT community. The DVLF opportunity is wonderful because it is an umbrella for many different missions and organizations. I like to think of myself as a good steward for all.”

Theater Angels in America BCKSEET productions presents Tony Kushner’s Tony- and Pulitzer-winning plays about the impact of AIDS on the national culture, through Nov.

FRIDAY Ugly Betty It’s not a good sign that this series has been moved to Friday night, so tune intp the hour-long comedy about the fashion industry while you still can.

THEATER Boom Flashpoint Theatre Company presents the story of a biologist and a lab assistant who inadvertently change the course of humanity, Oct.

BCKSEET Productions is celebrating the 20th anniversary of “Angels in America: A GayFantasia on National Themes” by presenting both parts Tony Kushner’s Tony and Pulitzer winning play about the impact of AIDS on the national culture, through Nov.

Peter Sinn Nachtrieb has never been to Philadelphia before (unless you count passing through once on a train) but, considering two theater companies are performing two of his plays at the same time in the same building, he suddenly has no excuse to stay away.

The William Way LGBT Community Center opened its doors this month to a traveling exhibit that profiles the widespread, yet seldom-discussed, persecution of sexual minorities during one of the darkest periods in modern history.

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