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Throughout last year’s fierce election battle, sexism was revealed as the “-ism” America had yet to tackle.

Liev Schreiber gives a scene-stealing performance as Vilma, a cross-dresser who provides Tiber’s family with security in “Taking Woodstock.

Oscar-winning director Ang Lee’s latest film, “Taking Woodstock,” opening today at the Ritz, is a warm, affectionate comedy based on the memoir by out writer Elliot Tiber (nee Teichberg).

Normally, the best reason to watch a new season of MTV’s “Making The Band” reality/competition series is to witness young hopeful wannabe pop stars working their asses off only to bicker and fight amongst themselves while the show’s Svengali, rapper and entertainment mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs, cracks the whip and goes home with the lion’s share of any money they generate.

Mark Twain once wrote, “Nothing so liberalizes a man and expands the kindly instincts that nature put in him as travel and contact with many kinds of people.” If Twain was right, Aella Diamantopoulos must be a liberal, kindly person indeed. A striking woman, Diamantopoulos speaks with a lilting accent that’s hard to place — probably because it’s from a little bit of everywhere. Born in Greece, she’s the daughter of a diplomat and has lived and studied in several corners of the world. She is currently the chief conservator at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, where she oversees conservation activities for paintings, frames, paper, objects and sculpture. Diamantopoulos has studied at the Université des Sciences Humaines de Strasbourg in France, the Hamilton Kerr Institute, University of Cambridge and the Institut Royal du Patrimoine Artistique in Brussels, Belgium, and been awarded numerous grants, honors and fellowships for her work.

THEATER Broadway: A Celebration — An Original Revue Dramateurs at The Barn present a collection of Broadway music and a stroll through the years of the musicals that have become part of history, through Sept.

FRIDAY The Dark Knight Heath Ledger’s final tour-de-force performance.

Guiding Light Now that Natalia is back, CBS is promo-ing the Olivia-Natalia love story as “soul mates” who have been separated.

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