Before the Bells

Marriage equality is becoming a reality across the country, but what is the reality of planning a same-sex wedding? In Before the Bells, PGN editor Jen Colletta offers practical advice from her own wedding-planning experience, detailing challenges same-sex couples may experience, and ways to overcome them. From picking a venue to planning a honeymoon, Before the Bells gives you a first-hand look at one couple’s approach to planning their big day.

With the landmark May 20 court ruling legalizing marriage equality in Pennsylvania, we’ve seen same-sex couples marrying in courthouses, at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and at the iconic Love Park statue.

Congrats, you’re engaged! Now what?

Making the decision to get married seems to set off a torrent of new decisions that need to be made: What? When? Where? How? (Hopefully you have the “Why?” already figured out.

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