Body U by Megan Nino

Physical activity is important for longevity, increasing energy levels, reducing stress, weight management and much more.  While people are aware of the benefits of physical activity, not everyone thinks about recovery.

Injuries are painful, debilitating, and annoying. They can range from herniated disks to sprained ankles, tendon sprains to groin pulls — even tennis elbow. Before learning about prevention and care, it’s important to know what an injury is and how it happens.

Have you ever found yourself wondering whether it would be more effective doing resistance training or high-intensity interval training (HIIT)? Have you ever wondered if you should train with high repetitions or low repetitions? Should you lift heavy weights or light weights? Maybe you have wondered if you should superset your exercises. Deciding on the right mode of exercise can be challenging and complex because none of these options are actually wrong. It's your goals and interests that will ultimately determine the right mode of exercise for you.

The early months of the year, when people still haven’t quite given up their resolutions, can be challenging at the gym. Similarly, trying to go directly after work when everyone else is going can also be tricky. There are people everywhere and most of the equipment you may wish to use is occupied.

Have you ever noticed that every season is filled with guilt?

“Get your summer body!”

“Stay away from your favorite foods this holiday season.”

“Get back on track.”

“Bulk up this winter for a six-pack this summer.”

There is a culture of guilt in the fitness industry that makes the idea of staying healthy distasteful. Better health and fitness tend to revolve around getting a six-pack or losing weight instead of improving one’s well-being, confidence and performance.

As states legalize marijuana, the debate continues as to whether or not cannabis should be legalized on a national level. In May 2016, the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Act went into effect. This law allows marijuana to be given to people with terminal illness or with at least one of 17 medical conditions. As of May 2018, anyone in opioid-withdrawal treatment qualifies for state-regulated cannabis use. A patient must be under the ongoing care of a physician licensed to certify that he/she will benefit from cannabis use.

With more public approval for holistic medicine and changing fitness trends, it can be difficult to keep up with the influx of information. In the last couple of years, one common word in both the media and research is “anti-inflammation.” We now have anti-inflammatory drinks, foods and so on.

Life can be stressful. A total of 56 percent of older adults (ages 72-plus), 57 percent of baby boomers, 61 percent of gen-Xers (ages 39-52) and 59 percent of millenials (ages 38-18) are stressed, according to a study last year by the American Psychological Association.

As a trainer, it is common for people to ask me how quickly they will get results. People expect everything right now. Results happen when you put in the work. On top of that, everyone is different. There are reality shows where trainers help people lose excess amounts of weight in 30-60 days and you hear that many of those participants gain it all back, plus more, immediately after. Patience and consistency are key. The goal shouldn’t be to lose weight fast. The goal should be to get the body you want, and to keep it the way you want it.

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