Consistency is key 

Consistency is key 

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As we find ourselves on the go and traveling this summer season, it may seem difficult to maintain daily routines that help us stay healthy. We may find ourselves traveling to the shore, attending more brunch or dinner dates and even exploring our favorite cities. These activities usually cause people to eat more or eat too little, drink too much alcohol and/or become more sedentary. Whichever the case may be for you, consistent exercise and eating regimens are very important — and very do-able.

Typically taking a week or two off has great benefits for someone who consistently works out three or more times a week because it allows the individual to rest. There is a very low chance of muscle loss, but there is plenty to gain if the individual isn’t conscious of their eating habits. However, for someone who consistently takes days or weeks off, there is little chance of gaining any results or benefits.

When you begin an exercise regimen, your body begins to change physiologically. Your metabolism increases, oxygen consumption increases, your heart strengthens from having to pump more blood faster, various chemical reactions occur in your brain that trigger positive moods and body reactions and the list goes on. As you work out consistently, your muscles break down to rebuild more fibers. You also sweat more, which clears your pores of toxins. Before you actually see physical results, all these things are happening at the same time and they have to happen consistently if you want to see a physical change. In fact, you can begin to see physical changes as early as four weeks with a concrete regimen. Why beat yourself up with inconsistency? 

Maintaining your regimen even through these busy weeks will keep you sharp, feeling good and looking good. Give yourself at least 30-50 minutes to exercise a minimum of two to three times a week. Don’t feel that you need a gym. Go for a run or bike ride or do basic body-weight exercises like squats and planks. Challenge yourself with sprints on the beach or plyometrics in the park. 

Remember, consistency is key! 

Megan Niño is a kinesiologist and personal trainer who trains at 12th Street Gym. She is an energetic and positive person, who prides herself on teaching others to find empowerment in their lives through fitness.

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