Get Out and Play

The myth that being LGBT precludes one from being an athlete has been refuted over and over, and Get Out and Play further seeks to highlight the important role that LGBT people play in the sports world. Philadelphia has a vibrant LGBT sports community and, in Get Out and Play, PGN artistic director and photographer Scott Drake chronicles the match-ups and meets, tournaments and tryouts that stand out on the local LGBT sports calendar, as well as tackles issues like homophobia in sports and unity among local teams.

The biggest little sports story right now is a small group of big players from Philadelphia who are competing in the Little League World Series in Williamsport. This is the first team from the city that made it to the WS — not bad, considering the program only started in 2012.

The first rugby match featuring a gay team versus a professional team, on July 6, came out as we had hoped and cheered for, with the Sydney Convicts beating the Macquarie University Warriors 30-12.

There are still a couple of weeks left in the FIFA World Cup, and I admit I am enjoying watching it even though I’m not that savvy about soccer.

Gay Games 9 executive director Thom Noble told me this week about a new gay addition to the opening ceremonies, which already include the Pointer Sisters and Philadelphia-raised Andrea McArdle.

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