Mombian by Dana Rudolph

Mombian offers a mix of parenting insights, book reviews, media analysis and political and legal commentary for and about LGBTQ parents and our children. It takes an LGBTQ-focused look at parenting topics and explores other aspects of the LGBTQ community with a parent's eye. Dana Rudolph is the the founder and publisher of Mombian, a GLAAD Media Award-winning blog and resource directory for LGBTQ parents. She's the lesbian mom of a middle-schooler and lives with her spouse of over two decades. For more information, visit

My family and I just returned from a week at Disney World.

Take several-hundred LGBT families from around the country — moms, dads, children young and old and assorted other relatives — add sun, sand, movies and a bonfire, and you’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of what Family Week in Provincetown, Mass.

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