Outward Bound

Outward Bound is not your ordinary travel column. It contains vital tips and information on traveling better and smarter. Written by an travel industry expert, Outward Bound not only inspires you on travel but gives you the "know how" to travel better and — in many cases — fabulously. Don’t you wish you knew how to maximize the points system? Or to choose between cruise lines and why? Looking for ideas on your next LGBT trip? Outward Bound has the insider info for LGBT travelers. Jeff Guaracino is a worldwide expert on LGBT travel. Author and recognized industry thought-leader, Guaracino shares his “Best Ofs” to help you too travel like a queen!

As summer 2015 comes to a close and your travel wallets turn to fall and winter escapes, it is good to review a few tips for when you are traveling far away from home — especially out of the country.

For most of us, vacation time is use it or lose it!

Stop losing your vacation time. It is bad enough that, increasingly, it seems, more of us have fewer days off for national holidays like Columbus Day.

A getaway doesn’t have to be far; it can be as quick as 60 minutes away, such as to … fabulous Baltimore!

An overstatement? Maybe a few years back, but not now. Baltimore is an affordable and increasingly sophisticated city.

Marriage equality in Florida could mean a big boost to the state’s economy. Many Southern states that have fought against equality will be losing potential grooms and brides to the Sunshine State. Considering the remoteness of Key West, it may or may not be your best choice for a wedding. So let’s explore the more likely option of Key West first — as a honeymoon destination. 

When you picture Rio de Janeiro, do you think of sexy people partying? You’d be right.

Brazil’s Carnival is known worldwide as the “world’s biggest festival,” full of culture, dance, food, samba, parades and music. Tourism officials estimate 977,000 tourists joined local revelers last week at Rio de Janeiro’s 2015 Carnival.

Did you ever fantasize about taking a trip and just being a spa harlo? I mean literally every day — maybe twice a day or more — having every part of your overworked, super-stressed body made to feel as beautiful as Cleopatra herself? Every once in a while, doesn’t everyone need a “strip-n-dip” trip?

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