Queer Faith by Crystal Cheatham

This summer, Philadelphia beheld the majesty that was the Democratic National Convention. To be chosen as the city to host the DNC was an honorable designation, which meant constant traffic in our tiny cobbled streets, our favorite bars packed to capacity and once-public spaces hedged off, reserved for the political elite. If we loved anything about it, it had to be the flare of constant excitement, or at least the drove of donkeys speckling the sidewalks. That was definitely fun. 

Silent vigils were worldwide for Orlando these past few weeks. I’m still devastated and have gone to several of the Gayborhood events raising money for the victims and their families. Philadelphia is bleeding hard and it’s encouraging to see how our community has responded in light of such devastating gore.

This past year was an epic one for queer progress. For starters, same-sex marriage was legalized. Among the year’s accolades, there was a landslide push for trans visibility, which included the milestone moment Laverne Cox rocked it as the first transgender woman to appear on the cover of Time magazine. I also watched, listening with a full heart, as my president spoke of transgender issues during his State of the Union address. And to everyone’s relief, that same president called for the end of conversion therapy in our great nation. 

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